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By Harry Kelber | The World of Labor | January 12, 2013

ILO Urges Better Pay and Conditions for 53 Million Domestic Workers

The International Labor Organization (ILO) has urged countries to adopt new standards to ensure decent working conditions and pay for the world’s 53 million domestic workers, mostly women. The ILO report, Domestic Workers Across the World, shines a spotlight on a group of workers often neglected by policymakers and largely excluded from national labor laws.

"Domestic workers are frequently asked to work longer hours than other workers, and in many countries do not have the same rights… Continue reading

Trumka Did O.K. for himself, earning $283,750

By Harry Kelber | The American Labor Reform Movement | September 26 2012

A year from now, Richard Trumka will be running for re-election as president of the AFL-CIO. Despite the dismal record of his three years in office, he expects to win by not saying a word about why he deserves re-election.

Trumka is counting on two occurrences to sweep him to victory: (1) that the big unions, with a majority of convention votes, will remain loyally to him — in their own interests, and (2) union members have become so passive… Continue reading

Why You Can’t Contact the Executive Council

By Harry Kelber | The American Labor Reform Movement | August 24, 2012

It’s a long-standing fact that AFL-CIO’s top leaders don’t want you to bother them with suggestions or complaints. The standard answer you will get to your questions is silence -a disheartening silence.

These bureaucrats figure there’s nothing you can do about permanently shutting you up from any news they don’t want you to hear. Who can you complain to? Not the AFL-CIO Executive Council. There’s no way of reaching the 49 Council members. They have no chairman to whom you… Continue reading

Italy’s Beaches Are Empty as Umbrella Men Strike <p&g= t;<strong>By Harry Kelber | The World of Labor | August 5, 2012</st= rong></p> <h5>Italy’s Beaches Are Empty as Umbrella Men Strik= e</h5> <p>Italian beaches were denied of their usual August crow= ds on Friday as beach clubs staged a short strike, the latest in an emotive = conflict over right of access to the Mediterranean country’s sun-soaked coas= t. The strike, organized by the beachworkers’ union during the peak season, = to protest against the government’s plan that would see the right to operate= patches of seafront decided by auction from… Continue reading

By Harry Kelber | January 15, 2007

Third in a series of six articles

There are many reasons why unions fail to win organizing campaigns or why they abort them soon after launching or why many of them rarely get off the drawing board. These failures explain why unions are especially reluctant to target corporations that employ thousands of workers in multiple plants and facilities throughout the United States.

Unions do not have enough competent organizers to take on major corporations. Far too many of them are inadequately trained and are no match against the high-priced lawyers and management "consultants"… Continue reading

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