Question Trumka

By Harry Kelber | The World of Labor | December 22, 2012

Michigan Becomes the 24th ‘Right-to-Work’ State

Organized Labor suffered a stunning defeat in Michigan, when its governor, Rick Snyder, made a last-minute switch to endorse and sign a "Right-to-Work" bill. It was the 24th state to adopt the anti-union statute, represented mainly by midwestern and southern state affiliates of the AFL-CIO.

What was surprising to many union officials and legislators was that the measure was approved in the home state of the powerful United Auto Workers and long-considered as the birthplace of the modern labor movement.

The allure… Continue reading

Does Silence and Money Go Hand-In-Hand?

By Harry Kelber | The Labor Reform Movement | August 5, 2012

Union members often wonder what AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka does to earn 8 times their average salary. They can’t find out from Trumka himself, because for years he has refused to answer any of your questions.

We know that he makes speeches about the nation’s economic crisis, but we have yet to hear what he’s actually done to improve things for us. He has no plan to stop the exodus of tens of thousands of good-paying U.S. jobs to low-wage countries. He’s… Continue reading

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