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Trumka Relies on Petitions That Are Routinely Ignored

By Harry Kelber | The Labor Reform Movement | June 26, 2012

While corporations continue to outsource good-paying U.S. jobs in search of cheap labor overseas that will increase their profits, the AFL-CIO relies on e-mails and petitions in a feeble and unsuccessful attempt to stop the practice.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is initiating a petition campaign to persuade the Obama administration to revise its international trade policies. Obama, as well as previous presidents since Bill Clinton, who helped to initiate the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, have dismissed labor’s request.

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You Get Bad PR With Poor Leadership

By Harry Kelber | The Labor Reform Movement | June 23, 2012

What we should have learned from the Wisconsin defeat is that the AFL-CIO does not project a favorable image to the public and that its appeal to the voters needs to be reformed.

Among the millions of unorganized workers, there must be huge numbers who would like the protection of a union, but object to the AFL-CIO, because it does not allow honest elections, tolerates corruption and is silent on the issue of worker rights.

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