Delegates Must Challenge Trumka at Convention

By Harry Kelber | The American Labor Reform Movement | February 15, 2013

Whatever actions the 49 VPs. on the Executive Council take is not reviewed by an independent committee. The rank-and-file know almost nothing about how their dues money is being spent. The Council, in practice, acts like a private corporation, but investors, (union members) are kept in the dark on what’s going on.

It is symptomatic of the AFL-CIO leaderships that they pay such little effort to publicize the strict Ethical Practices Committee that were enacted at the time of the merger between the AFL and the CIO in the 1950s.

We are faced with a situation where Richard Trumka, the current president of the AFL-CIO, is charged with illegal efforts to use a fraudulent pre-election scheme to assure his hand-picked candidates victory at the convention.

Yet, Trumka has assumed the authority to prevent any charges against him from surfacing.

Delegates Must Challenge Trumka at Convention

It is outrageous that the charges against Trumka’s fraudulent scheme are being blocked by his dictatorial action. We must demand that the Ethical Practices Committee be found and that hearings be held on the charges.

We urge the AFL-CIO to publish the booklet on the Ethical Practices Committee that was issued at the start of the merger, and should still be in effect.

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