For years, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has remained completely silent on questions addressed to him by union members. He should answer the following questions:

  • What are your plans to enable the AFL-CIO to grow?
  • What actions do you intend to take to increase union organizing in the private sector?
  • Why have you not spoken out on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and have forbidden the AFL-CIO website from mentioning the two wars?
  • What was the thinking behind your campaign to "Make Wall Street Pay" for causing the economic crisis and why did the campaign collapse in a few days?
  • Why did you ban any discussion of Planned Parenthood, abortion or birth control, knowing that more than 40 percent of the AFL-CIO membership consists of working women.
  • As chairman of the National Labor College, can you give union members a report on the progress and problems of the college? Why would you allow board members of anti-labor corporations, such as Alexis Herman, to sit on the board of trustees of the National Labor College?
  • What kind of strategic think tank and organizational support have you developed to help unions in the public and private sectors prevent lockouts and win strikes and contract campaigns?
  • Finally, is the job you are doing worth the nearly $300,000 a year you are getting? And what are you doing to deserve it?

If you want to maintain credibility and respect as the top AFL-CIO leader, you will answer these questions. Silence is no longer an acceptable response.

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