Is His Love for America or for More Money and Power?

By Harry Kelber | The American Labor Reform Movement | September 21, 2012

No one questions Mitt Romney’s love for America. As the Republican candidate for U.S. President, he has made countless speeches on how, if elected, he would continue making the United States the greatest country in the world.

With Romney in the White House, our military power would be so formidable, that no nation on earth would dare to challenge us, he assures us

America has been generous to Romney. It has made him the governor of Massachusetts. It has given him limitless opportunities to get wealthy at the expense of workers, both here and abroad.

So why has the 65-year-old Romney never joined the U.S. military–in any capacity? Don’t you think we deserve an explanation, since, if elected, he will be our Commander in-Chief?

Nor is that all. Ann and Mitt Romney are the proud parents of five boys, all of them of age to serve in the U.S. armed forces. Ben, the youngest is 26; then comes Craig, 29; Josh, 32; Matt, 36; and Tagg, 37.

All five boys are reported to be in good physical health, but not one of them has volunteered to serve in America’s 10-year war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why has each of them decided not to? How do they spend their lives? Hoping to build a Romney dynasty?

Who Fights Our Wars? Mostly working-Class kids

Ours is a volunteer army. No matter what patriotic sentiments they express, most people do not want to go to war to kill and be killed. We set up recruiting offices to hire as many soldiers we need to add to the military who are already fighting our wars.

How do the recruiting officers fulfill their quotas? Is their main pitch a chance to fight for freedom, peace and democracy? Or do they offer unemployed youth a good job with a bonus and many advantages of army life, including a chance for a good education and the start of a new career? Sure, we praise our soldiers to the skies, because they are risking their lives to protect ours.

These are our mercenaries, and so are the tens of thousands of contractors who, for very generous pay, fight in our behalf. And we, safe in our homes, praise them for risking their lives to take over our responsibilities.

As a candidate for AFL-CIO president, I intend to propose a national referendum of the American people before any war against another country is initiated. We should have a voice in determining whether a war is advisable, avoidable, and who is going to pay for it?

It will also serve to open debate on the inequities of sacrifice over how and who is going to fight the war. For the record, I served in the military for three years, two of them overseas in England and France.

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