What Protection Do We Have Against Misleading Figures?

By Harry Kelber | The American Labor Reform Movement | December 7, 2012

President Obama last week called for $1.6 trillion in increased tax revenue over a 10-year period in negotiations with the Republicans. What is $1.6 trillion? How was it arrived at? Can Obama explain it? And how accurate is it in predicting the future amount of tax revenue?

Let’s look at the right side of the equation. Why 10 years? What happens to the calculations if there is a disaster like Hurricane Sandy in five years or another major economic recession?

Union leaders must be wary of the way politicians toss around figures for their own selfish ends, they should be careful about how they regard any statistic, whether it is favorable or hostile to the union’s experience. Union leaders must speak truthfully to their members to achieve credibility.

Why Won’t the AFL-CIO Give Us Financial Reports?

It is a fact that since Richard Trumka and Liz Shuler were elected in 2008, we have not had a single financial report on what they’ve done with our dues money, even though we have repeatedly asked for this information.

We have reached the point where no one dares to challenge Trumka’s continuing secrecy about costly expenditures in organizing and legislative campaigns that ended in failures.

We want to leave you with one significant figure that happens to be true and describes the AFL-CIO’s present frozen leadership:

"For more than 100 years, no officer or member of an affiliated AFL-CIO State Federation or Central Labor Council has ever been elected to the decision-making Executive Council. Isn’t it time to break this destructive record?

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