60 Million Soldiers and Civilians Died in World War !!

By Harry Kelber | The American Labor Reform Movement | December 23, 2012

President Barack Obama vowed that he would make gun control a "central issue," promising to submit broad new firearm proposals to Congress in January, at the start of his new term in office.

He made his pledge to grieving parents in an emotionally-charged speech at a memorial service for the 20 children who were massacred at their elementary school in Newtown, Conn.

To add emphasis to his pledge, Obama said: "In the coming weeks, I will use whatever power this office holds, to engage my fellow citizens, from law enforcement to mental health professionals, to parents and teachers, in an effort "aimed at preventing more tragedies like this one."

Obama Encourages a Boost in Global Violence

It was Obama, aided by the Pentagon, that ordered young American boys to kill and be killed in Afghanistan, a faraway land where our soldiers did not know the language, customs, history and culture, to become easy targets for terrorists.

Should we ask ourselves how come that people from different lands, who might have been friends, co-workers or college classmates, were transformed into hateful enemies, ready to kill each other? Let Obama and Biden figure out that one.

About two weeks ago, 11 Afghan children were killed by a bomb from an American-made aircraft. How many political leaders expressed public sorrow or even noticed the tragedy?

We hold the world’s record for weapon sales. We understand that America has more weapons of human destruction than all countries combined. Is that a favorable image to project for a country that wants to prevent gun violence for its population?

Why did the U.S. have to sell 15 of the latest deadly aircraft to Saudi Arabia? What are we doing in Libya? To build a peaceful Middle East?

We rightly grieve for the deaths of those children in Newtown. What about a tear for the hundreds of thousands of children who died a senseless death in Rwanda, the Congo, Sri Lanka and other countries?

We are determined to win every war we get involved in, and we place no limit on how many deaths it will require for victory. We respect our war heroes who killed the most of’ our enemies and give them medals and military honors..

If we really wanted to outlaw gun violence, the U.S. should take the initiative to sponsor a ban on the manufacture, use, sale and transportation of a list of the most murderous weapons. Violations of the ban would be punishable by heavy fines and jail sentences. That would be a meaningful example of control over gun violators.

What happens to the mind-set of today’s little American children when they grow up to be adults and meet people in other parts of the world?

Should Obama, and all of us, be concerned about how they regard violence and what they intend to do about it?

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