Workers Need a Strong Voice

By Harry Kelber | The Labor Reformers’ Campaign | July 8, 2012

Union members have read, in utter amazement, that for more than 100 years, no officer or member of a State AFL or Central Labor Council has ever held a seat on the policy-making AFL-CIO Executive Council, which has as many as 51 vice presidents.

How could such outrageous, undemocratic practices exist for so long without a massive rebellion on the part of union members, they ask? We’ll tell you how-and more important–how we are going to establish honest elections and other reforms at the next convention of the AFL-CIO in Los Angeles on Sept. 8-12 in 2013.

It’s worth repeating how, under the AFL-CIO Constitution, international unions are awarded as many convention votes as the size of their membership, while state and local bodies, no matter how large, are limited to one delegate and one convention vote apiece.

At the AFL-CIO’S 2009 convention, a small union, like the Federation of Professional Athletes, had more than six times the number of votes than all of the state and local affiliates combined!

Thus, the state and local affiliates, who conduct the AFL=CIO’s economic and political campaigns, are little more than wall-flowers at the conventions.

It is significant that no top AFL-CIO leader has come forward to denounce the deeply corrupt convention voting system. Not only are they silent about it but they benefit by being assured of election and re-election without having to campaign for the job.

Our Reform Movement Will Promote Honest Unionism

Unless you give your personal support to the American Labor Reformers (ALR), the AFL-CIO will remain in the hands of leaders of a few big unions, who will continue to treat the Federation as their personal private property to dispose your dues payments as they will.

By adding your voice as an American Labor Reformer you can help transform the declining AFL-CIO so that it provides you with all the benefits and protections that you should expect from a legitimate union.

Join the American Labor Reformers today. Send us your name, union affiliation, phone number and e-mail address, with a brief message of what you would like to see changed to our web site : (www.laboreducator <http://www.laboreducator> . org ) My e-mail address is:

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Isn’t it a disgrace that for a century, no officer or member of a state AFL or Central Labor Council has ever been elected to the policy-making Executive Council. Won’t you help us stop this shameful practice?

Harry Kelber

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